CCHA 2014 Southern Regional Conference

Submission must be received on or before April 25th, 2014. All presenters, moderators,
and participants must register for the conference. Each session will be 75 minutes long.

Online Submission Requirements:

In two pages or less (1) write a description of your session or presentation, (2) explain how it illuminates the conference
theme, and (3) explain how the presentation will be made (i.e., use of video, PowerPoint/Prezi, handouts, other, and
indicate how audience participation can be achieved). Please include Name, Title, Email and a short CV and/or brief bio
for the moderator and each presenter.
(add proposal and contact info as file attachment in Word or PDF format)

Abstract for Program:
In 150 words or fewer, describe the content of the session and tell what participants will learn.

Audio-Visual Needs:
Audio-visual requests will be met within the limits of availability. Presenters should bring their own laptops since
computers cannot be provided. Mac users should bring VGA adaptors. Please indicate your AV needs in your proposal:
(1) data projectors [source of signal is useful, no Smartphone cable is available], (2) screens, (3) amplified speakers
[specify the source of sound since mp3 players can be challenging to cable], (4) sound systems, and (5) flip charts.

All presenters, co-presenters, and moderators (a) must be CCHA members and (b) must register for the conference.
All proposals will be reviewed by the Program Committee.
All presentations should aim for audience interaction and participation; no papers should be read.

Please fill in the following information and click Submit.